Operational Asset Management: Introducing The TRE RoadMap™

The TRE RoadMap™ quickly identifies upside potential and risk factors, candidly communicates operating issues, creates realistic opportunities to increase cash, and enhances net asset value. Ultimately, the TRE RoadMap™ provides the tools and recommendations needed for our clients to actualize on these benefits.

  • TRE's asset management combines our team's diversified hospitality skill sets which, the long-term "hold" investor must have over time: operations skills, sales and marketing savvy, food and beverage, and conservative management of sizeable capital budgets. No competing asset management company possesses this breadth and depth.

  • TRE has a demonstrated track record of successfully asset managing and then exiting a hotel in a two to three year time frame. Shorter-term, "pure play" capital providers retain TRE because of its RoadMap asset management techniques, command of domestic and international capital markets, and day-to-day interface with hotel investors and brokers.

  • TRE works successfully today with that 'accidental or novice' owner, who is responsible for the hotel but possesses little-to-no personal and/or in-house expertise. In this environment, TRE becomes that client’s in-house hospitality specialist, typically overseeing the entirety of the hotel’s business from soup to nuts.

  • Because TRE's asset managers each have years of experience as 'owner representatives', they have learned how to take over and navigate successfully through failed owner-manager relationships. TRE’s approach: produce a collaborative, challenging business plan, then dispassionately hold itself and the hotel property manager accountable for that Plan's measurable business and financial goals.